Heads of LDSA


Carlton Chapman

Is an Indian retired professional footballer. Began his club career with Sai Centre, Bangalore in the mid-1980s.



Aiff license holder.

ITI Indian International

Legends De Sporting

Legends sporting football academy are here. Academy is geared for 4 to 18 years old, Who wants to develop and improve their game in a fun learning environment. Professionally AIFF licensed coaches will train campers in the technical and tactical parts of the game., While building character, confidence, and great opportunity.

Principles of Play

We provide our players with an exciting tactical framework..we want them to be prepared to play at the highest level. A possession based style requires teams to understand several aspects of the game.

The importance of key details on how to play through the thirds, how to press high on the field and to understand how the teams has won the ball back are keys aspects of our game model. Our through approach allowes our players to develop both defensive and offensive tools but most importantly allows them to develop a thorough understanding of the game.